Save the Children

This flyer was in our mailbox on Wednesday. Click for larger:

So far, I've found no information about this group. I'm not sure if they're a veiled anti-GLBT organization, or if they're an organization with a generally legitimate concern for the community -- which happens to be a little misinformed in equating queer folks with sexual deviance. I'm unfortunately learning toward the former, only because we can't find anything indicating that the group has actually been responsible for any sort of community outreach or youth programs or anything.

However, until I am proven otherwise, I'm going to assume that they're a legitimate organization with real concern for our community.

I think a great way to prove this -- one way or the other -- without being threatening or disrespectful is to organize a group of people to show up at their gathering.

I would like to organize a group of GLBT and ally folks to show up on September 3rd at 11:00 a.m. A group of people who also wish to see improved lives for children in the community, but who strongly believe that this should be done without including an anti-queer message or the other anti-feminist sentiments contained in the language of the flyer.

I'd like to invite any and all GLBT and ally folks to help me with this. I'd particularly love to have the support of queer and queer-friendly clergypeople and others who are active in local religious communities, as I think their inclusion could potentially send a very strong message to an organization that identifies as faith-based. I would like to propose that we maybe have a meeting the Friday night before their event, to decide exactly how to proceed, and then show up at their event. I'd like to emphasize that I don't wish for our presence to be a protest, but rather a source of support for the broader cause of community improvement, but with the message that a strong community needs to be inclusive.

Please pass this along to any people or organizations who might be able to help, and please encourage anyone who is interested in participating in any way to contact me at or to contact me through my website. Additionally, if anyone is aware of any other GLBT or ally folks planning on attending or organizing anything, please let me know so that we may contact one another.

Thank you!


xanadian said...

hey, if you think the "save the children" pamphlet was something, did you ever hear about THIS:

I almost sh*t myself. What some people will come up with.

PS. To prevent further spamvertisement on your blog, go into your Blogger settings, go under Comments, and turn on Word Verification. I've made it my LIFE'S MISSION (not really) to spread the word. I hate spamvertisement.

Anyway, good blog! :)

eeka said...

Thanks! You rock!

So, do you want to come out next Saturday to support me at the Save The Children rally?

I have seen that article...messed up, isn't it?

I didn't know I could do word verification -- thanks! I'm a little weary though, as I'm a member of a lot of disability rights and various other human rights communities, so I have friends with visual impairments who use text readers. I've heard complaints about word verification from people who use text readers. Do you know of any pros or cons?

eeka said...

Er...I think I meant "wary," not "weary."

I'm definitely weary though. Sudafed's wearing off...

Jodie said...

You have much better google ads now, thanks to this post!

Anonymous said...

Are you working with communities of color on this event? That would be the most effective way to address this issue without reinforcing some of the stereotypes that are undergirding his message.

And really, for a white-led glbt group to protest a people of color, multi-issue event, would be very counterproductive.

eeka said...

I totally agree with you, anonymous. I'm attempting to get support from groups that are mainly of color, but the groups that have confirmed so far are not. I've contacted some (accepting) churches of color and in the conversations I've had with various neighborhood organizations, have mentioned that it would be particularly helpful to have POC and clergy at the event. Do you have particular groups in mind that you'd recommend I contact?

I do want to point out that this is not a protest. I'm inviting people who are also concerned about our community to attend and to point out that a strong community is an inclusive community.