Constitutional Convention

You can't fault her; she's from Iowa. Last night when I mentioned the Constitutional Convention, Molly said, "Didn't that already happen? In 1787?"

It did, but for updates on the one happening today at which the anti-equality amendment will hopefully be shot down, be sure to check Bay Windows throughout the day.

At last update, there were four visible anti-equality ralliers and a few hundred pro-equality ralliers from student groups, the ACLU, MassEquality, and other groups. It's times like this that I really wish I had a more flexible job so I could be over there. For those who are able, head over there to show support today.


Jodie said...

Hey sm'am, I'm here!

3rd Decade said...

I went for about an hour. The crowds this year were a LOT thinner than last year and I didn't see any opponents to gay marriage rallying outside the Statehouse. Even inside it was fairly quiet and boring. Most of the oppornents and supporters of gay marriage were sitting in the Great Hall watching the proceedings going on upstairs on TV.