I'm looking for gender-neutral restrooms

I plan to compile a list of places in the greater Boston area that have gender-neutral restrooms. I'd like to include both places that have some gender-specific restrooms and some gender-neutral restrooms (usually family and/or accessible ones) and places that have only gender-neutral restrooms, including places such as small businesses with only one restroom. I'll accept basically any place that isn't a private home -- businesses, offices, medical facilities, restaurants, stores, and so forth.

Please either post here or e-mail me and tell me as much as you can about all the gender-neutral restrooms you can think of. Tell me where it is (give me an address or rough address if you can), where in the building it's located, whether it's multi-stall or single-stall, whether they have gender-specific and gender-neutral, and anything else interesting, like what type of signage is on the restroom. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I think the place and name is "heaven" since there is "neither male or female, bond or free" there. And this is probably the only place that this idea would work out. I just cannot see it in present day society, although small businesses often have a consential use facility.

Anonymous said...

I was just in a "family" restroom at IKEA yesterday--in Carson CA, but being IKEA, I'm assuming all the stores have them?