In retrospect, the mortgage lender DID act a lot like an android...

My mortgage company, AMC Mortgage Services, has at least agreed to remove me from their "marketing list," which I never subscribed to, after I complained about receiving several offers for mortgage insurance and life insurance each day. However, when I asked that they stop sending me paper bills, as it's wasteful and one more thing I don't want to deal with, they say there is no way to stop paper statements, as "these are automatically generated when you make a payment." While I did immediately put one and one together and come to the conclusion that not making payments is the only way to make the paper bills stop, I instead wrote them this response:

Well, is there any way then that you could credit me a couple bucks each month? Apparently I'm paying for a service that I don't want and which is wasteful. Maybe you could at least make a donation to the Nature Conservancy every month as long as you insist on sending me paper statements that I don't need?

All of my utilities, credit cards, and professional organizations are able to stop paper bills upon request. Some of these companies only have online billing as an option.

You obviously have actual people working at your company. I have a hard time believing that your computers programmed themselves, tell themselves to print statements, retrieve these statements, and take them to a mailbox. I'm guessing you don't automatically generate mortgage statements and mail them to, say, people who don't have mortgages with you. There has to have been some human intervention here, which can also be used to stop sending me these statements.

Even if you insist on printing these statements, one of these real people could at least pull mine so that it is not mailed and I don't have to deal with it. Maybe they could have it sent to a fictitious address. I'd be willing to suggest some possiblities. There have to be several options so I don't have to receive your ridiculousness in my mailbox.

In the meantime, I'm researching other mortgage companies that don't insist on "automatically" sending redundant paperwork.

We'll see what kind of form letter I get back.


EEK said...

My cell phone company (T-Mobile) until recently could not do paperless billing, even though you could do everything with your account online. Didn't make sense. They now offer an option for not getting stuff in the mail, though.

Mortgage said...

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