The River Shannon flows like my true love's hair

I'm currently on location in Iowa (don't ask), so in order to make up for the lack of updating over the past few days, here's a little quiz:

Which of these are actual Irish songs and which ones are titles Molly and I made up the other night while drinking?

  1. Who threw the overalls in Mistress Murphy's Chowder
  2. I'll drink me stout til the River Shannon runs dry
  3. The dear little shamrock
  4. I nearly ran me pushcart over Mrs. O'Halloran yester morn
  5. Where the River Shannon flows
  6. Ay, when I'm sober, I could mistake ye for Kathleen
  7. A little bit of heaven (shure they call it Ireland)
  8. To me whiskey I'll be true until the morning sun rises
  9. Ireland must be a garden (if you are a wild Irish rose)
  10. Why must ev'ryone pick on dear ol' Eire, when me lovely Maggie lives there?
  11. Rory O'More
  12. Hennigan, I'll clip ye with me mug if ye calls me Welsh once more
  13. O Katy O'Neil
  14. O'Flynn has trodden in me shamrock garden
  15. Nellie Kelly, I love you
  16. Would I could return to the dear old sod, alas me wife won't go
  17. The prayties are dug
  18. It's me penny whistle, ere it cost me a quarter
  19. Get up old woman and shake yourself
  20. Hi-dee-hee-dee-too-la-deedle-die-day
  21. Smash the windows
  22. He wore a fine hat like an Englishman so I hit him with me shillaleagh
  23. Behind the bush in the garden
  24. Paddy O'Malley would be a fine lad for our Katy O'Rourke

I'm not offering any prizes or anything, because I'm sure it would be really easy to google the answers, but please post your best guesses as a comment.


EEK said...

Um, they're all real?

Molly said...

*bzzt* Sorry, you lose. But we have some lovely parting gifts for you.

Nathan said...

23 is Fake

Molly said...

Sorry, m'dear, but you, too, are mistaken. See, this isn't as easy as it looks, is it?

For your parting gifts, we offer a set of Irish Rovers CDs and a Ginsu reed knife! ;)

eeka said...

HINT: 12 are real and 12 were made up by Molly and me.

23 is an actual song.

EEK said...

Do I get the home game as my parting gift? And a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni?

Jodie said...

If #6 isn't real, we need to make it so. I'm hoping #8 is real as well.

eeka said...

6 and 8 are both fake. I think we should write all of the fake ones though.