Disturbing sights on the other side of the river

I seem to have spent much of this weekend on *shudder* the other side of the river. It's unbelievable the kind of strange and unusual things one finds over there.

Mary! Where's Mary?
Anyone who's spent any time in Somerville is familiar with the Bathtub Mary. This house on Holland St. has a bathtub, but no Mary.

Paint your wagon

Also in Somerville, the Davis Square Au Bon Pain apparently thought it would be a good idea to order up some personalized flower carts. It wasn't.

Whenever God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window. Er, usually.

This is a church on Pleasant St. in Belmont.

Open Door Sign
According to the sign, it's Open Door Baptist Church. Zooming out, it does in fact appear to be a church, and it would indeed be Baptist if they choose to identify as such...so I guess they got two out of three right.

Of course, some people do go both ways
I enjoy being able to go east and west at the same time all on one highway. Adding south into the mix is a nice added bonus. (For any non-locals who think it's just a weird sign and I'm a smartass, I assure you that this stretch of highway is in fact the merging of these three routes).

Special bonus feature
All of the subtitles in this post are lines from a movie, with some slight liberties taken on a couple of them. Can anyone place all of them?


Molly said...

Bathtub Mary, Bathtub Mary
Sitting near the front porch on my lawn,
I don't care if I'm fat and hairy
Long as I got my Bathtub Mary
Sitting near the front porch on my lawn!

Jodie said...

3 is from The Sound of Music and 4 is from The Wizard of Oz!

eeka said...

Yep, Jodie, you got 3 and 4.

Guesses for 1 and 2, anyone?

Russell said...

Is the second one, maybe, from the movie Paint Your Wagon? Wild guess. hehehe

eeka said...

You, Russell, are correct. You win a (jpg of a) brand new Chevrolet. Proceed to google to collect your prize.

Molly said...

I know #1, as you know, but I won't say until everyone else gives up.

Spatch said...

#1 isn't from Pecker, but I will pretend it is anyway.


SarcasticSam said...

I always though those were called "Mary on the Halfshell" not Bathtub Mary!!