I know they're different boards and all, but really...

Why does the state list physicians by their work address, but require most other licensed professionals to provide a residential address?

OK, so the rest of us only have our city and state listed on the website, and my residential address is "Boston," which includes a number of different types of neighborhoods. But if I lived anywhere else, I would find it inappropriate for my clients -- who of course have the right to look up my license status -- to see whether I live somewhere that's urban, rural, more affluent, less affluent, or is known to tend toward particular political or worldviews.

As it is, I had a client's sister ask me if I lived in [the suburb where she and the client both live, one of the ones right on a main T line] and I said, thinking it was a generic-enough answer, "No, I live in Boston." She said, "Oh, you live in Boston, you must be rich!"

I forget that some people's concept of Boston is having been to the Back Bay a couple of times, despite having lived 15 minutes from Boston all their lives.


Jodie said...

I'm one of 4 LMHCs in my village, which is very small. (I love saying "my village." It makes me feeli like I live in the Swiss Alps or soemthing)

I'm honestly more worried that one of the several Witnesses that I've seen who belong to the congragation in my village will come knocking at my door with a Watchtower one day. Seriously, if one of these kids (who's no longer a client) were to know how close I lived to her, she'd show up at my door every time she runs away.

Jodie said...

I was thinking a little differently when I first read your post. I'm not worried about clients making judgements about me given where I live (there are very nice, very middle class, and not-so-middle class neighborhoods in my village), but there are clients that I worry about knowing where I live from a multiple-role-relationship perspective. That, given the small size of my village makes me a bit uneasy.

eeka said...

I wasn't thinking so much as far as people judging me, but more that my folks with really bad boundaries don't need any more fuel for thinking way too much about my personal life, and I also wouldn't want someone seeing that I lived in a particular place and assuming that meant I had no experience with people of color, working-class people, urban people, and so forth.

The second part doesn't apply to me personally where I live now, of course. But there are certainly communities where if I saw that someone was from there, I might well initially assume that they were of a particular demographic and worldview.

Even more so if I were a working-class person of color. I'd be likely to initially assume that someone from a rich White suburb would look down upon me.