If you don't see me again, at least you'll know why...

There's a construction permit in the front window of our agency's building, authorizing REPOINTING OF BUILDING, 51 x 88 FEET.

It doesn't say where it's going to point when they're done. We can at least hope that the door still points out to an open space and isn't butted up against the building next door or facing straight up or anything.


Utah Sports Blog said...

The Harvard Street Bridge goes to the MIT campus, thats why the MIt nerds get lost when leaving the pubs in Boston. Or is it fog as they claim.
Anyway the Bridge is exactly (364.4 smoots and an ear long

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Russell said...

Being originally from Indianapolis (although I wasn't around in 1930!) this is my favorite building repointing:

Perhaps Eichleay’s most memorable moving feat took place in 1930 when the Indiana Bell Telephone Building was moved 52 feet, pivoted 90 degrees to face the perpendicular street, and then rolled another 100 feet to its new location. By using a system of cribbing, rollers, and screw jacks, the 12,000-ton building was moved in just eight days, with no disturbance to the 600 employees at work inside… electrical service (including telephone connections) water, gas and sanitary facilities were all maintained and functioning during the move!