Ostentation at its finest

Last night I had the pleasure of playing in a concert before which the Mayor of Newton issued a proclamation. In order to thank the Newton Symphony for providing the City of Newton and surrounding area with concerts, he declared several days, including Newton Symphony Day and Maestro Jeffrey Rink Day. This involved reading a lot of statements beginning with "whereas." I had never before witnessed a real-life proclamation. I'm not sure how this was any different from just thanking us, but it did involve a lot of big words, certificates, handshakes and photos.

The best part though was when a board member introduced the mayor with a speech that included, I kid you not, the line "at least the Newton Symphony never has to worry about the maestro knowing where to put his stick."

The board member is a great guy and an entertaining speaker, but he really ought to run his speeches by someone under 50 before he gives them in public.


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Now if only they could do something about the guy running the lights... ;)

Great concert!