The ambiguously owned plot thickens

Man working the plans counter at the Registry of Deeds, to me: "I've looked everywhere, and we only have the three unit plans and the roof plan. The page numbers match up and everything, and this is definitely all that was recorded. There is absolutely not a survey of your plot on record with us. So how the hell did someone grant you a mortgage?"

I'm going to try the assessor's office next to see if there's at least a survey showing what land was included when the building had a single owner.


Ron Newman said...

At the Registry of Deeds, some land is "recorded", while other land is "registered". These are two totally separate systems of records. Did you check both?

eeka said...

Hey Ron! Welcome to 1smoot!

They're actually in the computer together. They search by your address and/or your name, and it pulls up any recorded or registered deeds pertaining to your property. Mine is only recorded, which is the less-strict type, and the one for which the Registry of Deeds recommends private title insurance. Which I have. w00t!