Back from the Registry of Deeds

The master deed for the building refers to the space to the right of the building as "the private drive" -- The Boston Redevelopment Authority repeatedly used the term "public way" -- and says that it's deeded exclusively to the third floor (my house).

I've ordered a copy of the property plan so I can see where the property line is and see whether the driveway is in fact on the building's parcel.


Anonymous said...

I hope "the private drive" isn't the same as "private road". That would mean that you'll be getting new neighbors and loosing your parking space.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am a real estate broker, just happened upon your blog by way of Universal Hub.

If no one's mentioned it yet, you can access all of the public documents online. You probably printed everything out while you were at the Registry, but if you want to do more searching at home, go to:

There's a whole bunch of information there.