Meetings to discuss MBTA accessibility are a little, um, inaccessible

I keep getting alerts from groups such as the Boston Center for Independent Living and Adaptive Environments, inviting community members to meet and discuss experiences with the MBTA and suggest improvements. I would love to attend one of these meetings and document my frustrations, particularly the experiences when an elevator has been out of service and MBTA employees have been clueless about other accessible routes (hell, they don't know the main accessible routes in and out of most of the stations) or have been downright rude.

The problem is, all of these meetings are planned for weekday daytime timeslots. I'm at work during these times. I think the issue isn't even so much the particular timeslots they choose, because there are also people who work or have other obligations during other timeslots than mine, but that each organization sponsoring meetings seems to be having several meetings, all planned for the same timeslots. If they want people to be able to attend, why not plan a morning meeting, an evening meeting, and a Sunday meeting, instead of offering 3 or 4 options that are all in the same timeslot? In my case, I'm even someone who gets a lot of paid time off and has a fairly flexible job, but I just happen to be flexed out the next few months in terms of other things I've chosen to schedule during the workday. I'd imagine though that most people who are employed who have things to contribute to these meetings have less flexible jobs than I do, likely ones without paid time off, and I know that many have a harder time getting around than I do and would need to plan considerably more time off to get away from work or other obligations.

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