We've secretly replaced the mayor with Folgers Crystals...

For the second time now, I've called the mayor's office between 1 and 2 a.m. to alert them to noise/safety issues and have had the phone answered by someone who I believe was the mayor. Or at least who sounded a lot like him. The first time was regarding some teenagers riding mini motorcycles around our neighborhood; last night it was a couple of young guys shouting and fistfighting in the little park area. Is the mayor himself actually working some of the off-hours shifts at the mayor's office?

Other times I've called with various questions or concerns, the phone has been answered by other people who clearly are not the mayor and who have a manner more like a regular secretary, i.e. "OK...let me take down your name and see what I can do..." The person who I think might be the mayor takes a much more active stance; when I called about the bikes, he sounded personally frustrated that the kids had been riding in a circle for around for a couple hours, so obviously no police cruiser had gone through the area in a couple hours. He said something like, "Yeah, I've asked that they patrol the residential areas regularly, especially on weekend nights. I'll see that they do."

Last night when I called about the guys making noise and someone potentially getting hurt, the man on the line asked if I had called the police. I replied that I hadn't, because I had tried that once and had the police headquarters tell me I'd need to call my local station, but that they didn't know the number for my local station, saying that my address wasn't valid and seeming to think Roxbury and West Roxbury were the same place. Again, the man seemed outraged and said "hang on..." and suddenly I was on a three-way call with the police dispatcher. He stated that he was from the mayor's office and had a constituent on the line. I told the dispatcher what was going on, and he then emphasized, "You need to send someone immediately, not in several hours. This is a public safety issue. It's 1:22 in the morning and those kids should be home and in bed."

A few minutes later, a police car rolled up.

Mayor or not, whoever is answering the phone over there is doing a great job.

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EEK said...

If that sm'am isn't the mayor he should be!