Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center continues to irritate me

I just picked up my phone and immediately got an automated message saying, "This is the business office at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. It is important that you call us back..."

Uh, what? I picked up the phone. Is it so hard for there to be a person there?

For what it's worth, they called me last week with the same message, only I got it on my voicemail the other time, so it made a little more sense. When I called back that time, they said that they were inquiring as to whether I planned to pay my balance with them. My response was that I'd pay for it when I received a bill for it.

The person of course had no record as to whether they'd ever billed me for it.

So I did receive a bill a few days later, and I called them to let them know I wouldn't be paying it, since I still have a credit with them for more than the amount of this newest bill. The person told me that this would result in my bill going to collection, since every visit is considered to be a separate account and the credit from overpayment on another visit has no effect on what I currently owe.

Of course, the credit I have resulted from a previous time when they told me the same thing and insisted I pay them money I didn't actually owe them...

I've given up on trying to understand the Beth Israel business office, but if any of my readers have any questions for them, such as, say whether their refrigerator is running, the number is 866-306-7647.


Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience. They tried to bill me for a surgery that happened over 2 years ago and claim I never paid them, which I did. They definetly suck!!

Do you hear me Beth Israel Buisness office automated lady!

Anonymous said...

Same thing to me, but I never called back. I will wait until the day that an actual person will call and talk to me.
F... them. THey are stupid.

Anonymous said...

The hospital is stupid. Never go there again!

Anonymous said...

oh my god...ive been fighting with them for two years now! every time i pay my balance...i get another phone call! without even receiving a bill!!!!!! im calling help me hank and reporting this....soooo glad i am not the only one!