A new era for One Smoot

Behold! A first: eeka posts while completely trashed. (Molly and I are playing the State of the Union Address Drinking Game.)

Why does he keep saying "isolationism?" That should warrant a drink.

Why do they keep showing Hillary? Ditto.

Dude, gotta love how they cut to a shot of a couple of Black senators/representatives/consulates/ambassadors/whatevers when he was talking about Coretta Scott King. Hello tokenism! That should really be included in the drinking game. So should mentions of 9/11.

And what's up with "uh-rack?" He says "Iran" more or less correctly.

Dude. He's actually learned to speak fairly decently over the past 6 years. So how the hell has he neglected to stop saying "nuke-yew-lur?" I mean, seriously.

Whoa, "it will save the American taxpayer 14 billion dollars"? Hey, I'd love to save 14 billion dollars on my taxes.

Blah blah blah dependence on foreign oil blah blah blah Alaska blah blah blah.

Wait, why's he proposing a new initiative on competitiveness? There's already a Council on Competitiveness, whatever the hell "competitiveness" means. Why not competitivity? Competitiveatism?

Hey! He just perfunctorily mentioned "people wanting to redefine marriage" without saying what he means. Bastard. I'd love to redefine marriage to include anyone of sound mind who wants to marry, you know, since the constitution doesn't say otherwise or anything.

People are booing Alito! AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! Kickass.

"Treated and defeated." Is Bush rapping? He's gettin' down wid his badass.

Oh look. He talked about how he's going to work with African-American groups to defeat HIV, and then they cut to a shot of a Black person in the audience. Uh huh. That should totally be worth a drink.

Woohoo. It's over. Now it's time to channelsurf and see which network is the least obnoxious with the commentary.


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eeka said...

Dude. This "word verification" stuff makes it really hard to post comments while drunk.

,molly said...


I. know. W00T!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for preserving this. While I hope that your hangover wasn't painful, it's hilarious to read the result here.

But don't get alcohol poisoning for Dubya!

eeka said...

Thanks, Anonymous! Glad you enjoyed it. Actually, I wasn't hung over; I'm genetically gifted like that.

The comments on the post are the best part, especially the ones from molly (,molly?).