The renaming of the Hancock Building

A friend of mine, who'd rather not traumatize his kid by blogging this himself, told me this story:

OK, so, my friend's child, who is seven, is a little obsessed with the Hancock Building. The other night, they were having dinner in some posh restaurant, when she started talking about how great the building is. Her little monologue went something like this:

"Wow, the Hancock Building is really really big. They should call it the Bigcock Building!"

My friend assures me she doesn't know what this means, and explained how he and his wife furiously tried, at this point, to change the subject without her realizing she'd said anything that was, uh, interesting in any way.

They weren't terribly successful. She continued, in typical seven-year-old singsong manner, playing with the name she had just invented:

"Bigcock! Bigcock! Biggiecock! Biggiecock!"

I can never look at that building with a straight face again.


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D. Berkowitz said...

Wikked funny -- definitely somethign I would expect from a 7 year old (I have two of my own). Now I will never be able to look at that building without giggling.

I did teach my kids the weather rhyme for the original building. It's our culture ... right?