Sovereign Bank also annoys me

Two weeks ago, Molly and I went into Sovereign Bank so that we could change my account to a joint account and close hers to make our lives easier. We were helped by a nice, animated gentleman who laughed at our jokes about terrorists and bird flu. He set up the account and everything and told Molly to expect her ATM/check card in seven business days.

Yesterday, as it had been more than seven business days, I called their 800 number and was put on hold five times for a total call duration of 22 minutes, to learn that she had never been added to the account. I tried calling the branch multiple times to figure out why this was, and each time, I was told that only the person who had initially helped me could help me, and he was at lunch. Twice in one day, in fact. Wouldn't the second one have then been dinner? Or perhaps the first one would have been breakfast?

Today, I got smart and went into the branch. I told the person (not the same one) what was going on. He pulled up the account and found that the signature card had not been processed and the ATM card had not been ordered. So, he got on the phone with the people who deal with ordering cards, who said they could FedEx the card and we could have it the next day. OK, that's acceptable. Wait, then he tells me that she wouldn't receive the PIN in the mail for seven business days, so the FedEx'd card would be useless. Couldn't they FedEx the PIN too? No, they don't expedite PINs, only cards. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

So, he said we can expect the card in another seven business days. I explained to him that three-plus weeks to be able to use your bank account is pretty ridiculous, and he agreed, and said he'd refund us five dollars. Gee, thanks.


Eve said...

Y'all should switch to Wainwright. Much more community-centered, queer-positive, and progressive. Plus all their tellers are nice and helpful.

Sarah said...

sovereign BLOWS. you can't even get your account number (which I always forget) over the phone anymore). The only good thing about them is the little thermos they gave me for opening an account 2 years ago.

eeka said...

Yeah, I'd totally do the Wainwright thing, except there isn't one anywhere near us, is there?

Anonymous said...

My name is Patrick Smith (NYC) -A disgruntled Sovereign Bank Customer.

A month a go I called my branch (DUMBO) to find out how I could obtain some missing statements. I was told the branch could not request statements and referred to the website for this request.
Buried deep in the site-about 40 mins or so of searching. I eventually found the link. It said $6.00 per statement. After filling out the whole form-which included my account # etc -even though I was signed in, I got an on screen confirmation that my account would be charged $7.00.

Anyway 2 hours later and 20+ forms filled out-one for each statement I at least felt progress had been made.

About 2 weeks later I called my branch to find out how long it would take to receive the statements. I was told 10 working days.

Its been a month now and still no statements.

So I called my branch who told me to call the toll free #. I did and was finally told that one cannot request statements online-even though there is a form-it is apparently invalid. The lady offered to email me the missing statements, but said she they have no way of knowing which statements I requested.

I called my branch fuming. They told me they could after all print them out for me in the branch.

This is supposed to be customer service. LOL.

Cody Hofstetter said...


I read your blog and saw that it was from back in 06. However, I just finished putting down some of my own ideas about how our banks should be run. Here is the link to my blog:

I'm trying to spread the word, so all I ask is that you read it, and if you like it, share it with others. :)

Thank you.