Fuck off and die, Bright Eyes

Molly and I have had Total Eclipse of the Heart stuck in our heads for about a week now. We can't seem to find a way to get it to leave. Adapting it into a soundtrack of whatever we're doing at the time isn't helping (Turn around/Every now and then I stick some bread in the toaster, and I reach in the fridge and get the jam; And I need to do laundry tonight/And my clothes reek more than ever...).

Neither is singing it at the top of our lungs while using the nearest prop for a microphone. Incidentally, dancing with a screwdriver (the tool) pointed at one's face is not advisable.

This article talks about how songs get stuck in people's heads, the most commonly stuck songs, and even cites medical research on the topic. It gives some suggestions for getting the songs to leave, none of which seem to be too effective. It doesn't, however, give any tips for explaining to one's boss why every sentence in an assessment starts with "every now and then."

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molly said...

Or why "turn around, plaid ass" keeps being sung to a certain cat.