Pimp your big gay blog! (And discover some other great gay blogs)

Chris over at Left Center Left is compiling a list of gay boston bloggers. It doesn't matter if your blog is specifically about queer issues -- he wants them all! So, mosey on over and add your favorite gay blogs and explore some new ones.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Do you sometimes feel as if you're living a double life?
Are you "out of the closet" online, but still "in the closet"
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Anonymous said...

It is mindblowing the way bloggers blog these days. Screaming for our attention,
they demand to be heard. At least some of the time, they succeed in feeding our
appetite for juicy twink cocks and pieces of the truth, or even real breaking
news that rivals what all-news TV channels are giving us.

Notable New York-based gay bloggers include Andrew Belonsky, David Hauslaib,
Ethan Gray, Big Mouth and John Aravosis.
In particular big mouth an increasingly well known college twink that has become
more and more influential as a new breed of journalist, creating greater
awareness of gay culture in general.

Call them bloggers and you are missing the point. Call them stunning twinks,
and you’ll also sell them short; however, if they are more than that, it
is hard to categorize them.

Sometimes, in fact, they are just your neighbors who happen to be more
vocal and opinionated. As one of them readily and happily admitted in an
interview, he relishes the notion of having creative freedom and blogging
is a great way for him to create gay bar erotic stories for public discussion.