When the left hand doesn't know what, uh, the left hand is doing


Me: *presses voicemail button*

Voicemail: Please call us for an important message at 1-800-850-4622 between 8am and 4pm Eastern Standard Time.

Me: *throws phone at wall, retrieves it, calls number to see if it's somewhere I actually have a relationship with*

Phone: Hi, you've reached GMAC* Mortgage Company...

My brain: ...oh, yeah I have a mortgage with them...

Phone: ...collections department...

Me: WHAT?!

Phone: Please choose from the following options. For an account that--

Me: *presses 0*

Phone: Please choose from the following--

Me: *0*

Phone: Please choose--

Me: *0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 000000000*

Phone: Your call may be monitored or recorded for security purposes.

Me: *sigh*

Person: Hiyou'vereacheddpeartatcanaanedverfaccountnumber?

Me: I don't have it handy. You called me.

Person: Certainly ma'am, I can look it up ma'am. Ma'am, what's your social security number?

Me: *says social security number*

Person: All right ma'am, thank you ma'am, ma'am, for verification purposes can I have your name?

Me: *says name*

Person: All right ma'am, thank you ma'am, ma'am, for verification purposes can I have your
property address?

Me: ...

Person: All right ma'am, thank you ma'am, ma'am, for verification purposes can I have your mailing address? All right ma'am, thank you ma'am, ma'am, for verification purposes can I have your phone number? All right ma'am, thank you ma'am, ma'am, for verification purposes is there an alternate phone number?

Me: ...zzzz...

Person: All right ma'am, thank you ma'am. I have been able to verify your account ma'am. Ma'am, we're calling to remind you that there is a payment due, and that to avoid collections activity ma'am, we're going to need to ask you to make a payment by the 15th ma'am.

Me: I have autopay. It comes out every month on the 15th, and it's been doing so.

Person: Ma'am that should be fine ma'am, it just needs to be paid by the 15th in order to avoid collections ma'am.

Me: Can you stop calling me ma'am?

Person: Certainly ma--uh--er... Uh.

Me: Thank you. OK, why are you people calling me? My account is not overdue, and I have autopay set up, which pays my account on time every month.

Person: Yes ma'am, I see here that you have autopay set up for your bank account ending in 0875 ma'am, and we've been receiving the payments ma'am, but it wasn't in our system that you have autopay, which is why you were called ma'am.

Me: That doesn't make any sense. It's in your system, except for how it's not in your system. Um, why did collections call me if I'm not past due?

Person: Ma'am, you have a payment that needs to be made by the 15th of this month...

Me: Yes, clearly. And autopay is going to make it, on the 15th, yes?

Person: Uh, yes ma'am, I see that ma'am, so I just needed to make sure that you had planned to make a payment by the 15th of this month, because--

Me: Yeah, OK, sure, thanks, bye. *click*

*Yes, my mortgage has been sold YET AGAIN.


EEK said...

I think people might be dumb.

Anonymous said...

I would be more reluctant to give away personal information like that. Any company you are already doing business with should have your information. They don't need it for "verification" purposes other than something very short -- maybe the last four digits of your social or something like that. Maybe you should follow up with the mortgage company to see if these calls are legitimate. Also, I'm not sure but it may be illegal to call people with auto dialers especially if no identity is given. When I get these messages on my machine I just delete them.

eeka said...

Thanks anonymous. Yeah, I'd had the same thought -- so I checked to see if it's in fact their phone number, and it was.

I wonder about the autodialer crap. Beth Israel does it too (which I've complained about in my blog). It's one thing to have an autodialer leave the message once no one picks up, but I've gotten automated calls from both of these companies when I HAVE picked up. Annoying.

I kind of worry about what would happen if I didn't call back. I'm always tempted not to when they don't give their identity, but then I don't want to be stuck in a situation where they claim that they tried to contact me and I in fact didn't get back to them. I suppose that in court it would actually hold up that a reasonable person did not return an anonymous message in our telemarketer-heavy society, but I don't want to get the point where I'm in court trying to get my mortgage back, yanno?

Anonymous said...

I received a call like this. I do not have an account with them and WILL NOT GIVE MY NAME OR SSN TO ANYONE ON THE PHONE unless I initiate the call to a number I am familiar with.

eeka said...

Yes, second anonymous, as I said, I checked their website to make sure it was actually their phone number. And I do have a mortgage with them. I wasn't worried about it being a spoof, since I was calling the same number that's on their website, but I was annoyed at having to provide all that information when THEY had wanted to talk to ME.

NoPoMo said...

Someone just came up to my door and gave me an envelope with my hand written name on it. The middle initial was wrong. He said it was from my mortgage company and walked off. Inside was a printed piece of paper that looked like it had been cut from a larger sheet. It had an account number, the name Enterprise Servicing group and the phone number 800-850-4622, which I Googled and got, among others, your site.

We are gay and happily living in Portland,OR. I was interested in your comments. I too have a GMAC mortgage and always call my attorney when their name shows up unexpectedly. You might Google the number as well for some entertaining reading.

I am sure that this is just a preditory lender trying to take advantage of GMAC's clients.

I have no intention of responding to this number. You should know that if they have your address and the last digits of a credit card,they can charge you for something. Also, they can likely access your credit history with the address and the last 4 of your SSN.

Thank whoever( make that Al Gore) for the internet.

Have a Merry/Happy

Anonymous said...

It's 11:00am on a Saturday morning.

I just got back from 2 hrs. at work and found a piece of paper stuck under the house #'s next to my door, so I looked at it and it had a similar piece of paper from Enterprise Servicing Group and a loan number. NO ENVELOPE, NAME on the paper.

My wife was home but didn't say anyone rang the door bell, I DO NOT have any loans with GMAC or any that match the number on the paper

I checked loan/acct numbers for the mortgage,etc.. DO NOT MATCH

Linda Dalton said...

omg! This could be me!!! I get this same exact phone call every month. Last time they called I yelled at them and told them that it was harassment. They make me CRAZY!!! I am so glad they sold it, maybe the new company will have it together. Maybe this is why they went bankrupt...because they obviously can't manage things well and spend money on people making calls that are unnecessary!

Anonymous said...

And, they are still making these same phone calls (and getting the exact same responses from me) three years later...