I couldn't make such a stupid bumper sticker if I tried

I saw this sticker on a car in Lexington, of all places:

1. She wasn't? I'd generally heard her portrayed as a compassionate sort of person who I would think would be in favor of access to healthcare and opposed to an oppressive government. She raised Jesus to be quite a nonjudgmental guy and all.

2. Do you asshats really not understand the concept of "choice?" See, "choice" is where someone has the freedom to choose whether to give birth. It isn't the act of forbidding women from giving birth.

3. Putting aside the questionable historical accuracy of the Christmas story, if Mary had been infertile, there would be NO CHRISTMAS! Shouldn't you people want to ban infertility based on this same logic?

4. Is your God really stupid enough to send the Son of God to a woman who for whatever reason wouldn't have been able to carry him to term? And not to, like, try again if it didn't work out? How do we know that the Son of God wasn't implanted in several uteri and aborted and miscarried a few times before being born?

5. And, um, wait a second. Don't you people who take the Bible literally also preach that we don't need contraception or abortion because people have the option of abstinence? That approach didn't work too well for Mary, now did it?


carpundit said...

>> How do we know that the Son of God wasn't implanted in several uteri and aborted and miscarried a few times before being born?<<<

OK, you beat me. My comments on the Catholic men's rally were nothing compared to yours about Jesus.

eeka said...

Oh, Jesus comments are fun. It easily weeds out who's a thinking person and who isn't based on how they react.

I have a t-shirt that says "I am my own Jesus." I wore it to work last week.

Anonymous said...

As a Christian, I really wish there weren't Christmas.

Not that I wish Jesus had never been born, but rather I wish that my fellow Christians would actually celebrate His birth instead of celebrating how much money they can spend on crap.

eeka said...

I hear ya, Anon.

I'm not Christian, though I'm quite familiar with Christianity and could just as easily fit myself into Christianity as any other religion.

I think it's cool that there's an American tradition that we spend time with loved ones and give gifts and so forth in the winter, but yeah, it gets entirely overblown, and even secular celebrations tend to frustrate a lot of non-Christians AND Christians because it's hard to avoid having them be Christian-centric without having them be unnaturally avoidant of Christian references, which isn't right either. So many people get depressed and anxious and overwhelmed around the holidays. It's too bad we can't celebrate our deity of choice, peace, loved ones, etc. throughout the year as we feel motivated to instead of having to have a huge overblown day on which we're expected to pretend to do these things.

Russell said...

"If Mary WAS pro-choice"? In a past-present mixed conditional, the "if" clause requires the past perfect tense. "If Mary had been pro-choice, there would be no Christmas."

eeka said...

HEE, Russell. I'd been considering making a snark at the grammar too, but then wondered if I'd be sending the message that people only have something valid to say if they're able to use language well.

Of course, there's a difference between expressing oneself and PUBLISHING one's words. Hire an editor, already, extreme-right-wing wackos. :o)

Bruce said...

Yeah, and if Hitler's mom was, er, HAD BEEN pro-choice, there wouldn't have been a holocaust.

What's their point?

Lame-O bumper sticker - agreed.

eeka said...

Almost, Bruce.

You're missing an important point.

If Hitler's mother HAD CHOSEN TO ABORT THE PARTICULAR PREGNANCY THAT RESULTED IN HIM, there likely would be no Holocaust.

Aside from the fact that that whole "what if history was different" line of thinking is pointless, my whole point is that being pro-choice does NOT equal "aborting any pregnancies one incurs."

Bruce said...

"You're missing an important point."

Don't worry, I get the point, adn am in agreemtn with you 100%.

I was posting that comment from the mindframe of the person who came up with that sticker to illustrate how baseless their argument is.

Grace said...

I started this same flap on Alas, a Blog, last month ...

If you accept the account in the Gospel of Luke, Mary was actually the ONLY WOMAN before the advent of Margaret Sanger who DID have a real choice.

An angel appeared to her. She was given the chance to respond. She said yes.*

Ergo, she had a choice. She CHOSE to have Jesus. Thus, Christmas. (Apart from the whole Jesus-wasn't-born-in-December thing.)

Incidentally, on the subject of Hitler: anyone else read the Roald Dahl story where the woman has had like, four or five babies die, and is desperate for this one to live, and in the last line it's revealed that she's Frau Hitler? Is that true, or Dahl's sick imagination?

*(At least, that's my interpretation of the passage. Some commenters on Alas disagreed, assuming that there was no real choice because God/the angel Gabriel were too overwhelming/powerful/patriarchal for Mary to even consider refusing. I find these interpretations bizarrely antifeminist. And at the risk of pulling rank, I have an M.Div. degree so I'm going to assume my interpretation is not completely off base.)

Anonymous said...

It assumes that any woman who is pro-choice will abort any fetus she is carrying, even the Son of God. That seems extreme.

eeka said...

Yes and that God was too stupid to have a plan B (pun intended) if a Jesus fetus WAS abored. Or miscarried. Or didn't implant. Uh, hello? It's God. And you people claim to be people of faith.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to you as a child of God, I will first comment that life begins at conception and since you are a mental "health" professional I assume you took biology and already know that. Second, all life is a gift from God and no one has a right to take it. It's a child, not a choice. There are two souls involved. It is not a matter of the body of the mother. What about "Thou shalt not kill" don't people understand? Lead woman to places that can help them, not to abortion clinics of death. And lastly, the Son of God was not implanted in any other uteri and aborted and replanted because there is no such thing as reincarnation. God has already revealed that. "It is appointed for men to die once." (Hebrew 9:27) Once a child dies in the womb he or she is dead. There is no "reincarnation" after death. Be aware that Jesus had two natures. He was both man AND God. And Mary, His mother, was always a virgin, before, during and after the birth of Christ. We are talking about God here.
God Bless you. May you have a change of heart. And smile, your mother chose life!
p.s. I came upon this site accidentally. But then again there are no accidents.

eeka said...

Hi anonymous. Can you please come back and introduce yourself in accordance with the comments policy? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian and therefore follow all the teachings of Christ, our Lord and Savior (and the second person of the Holy Trinity).

eeka said...

Anonymous, if you want your comments to stay up and add to the discussion, please follow the comments policy and introduce yourself in some way that distinguishes you from the other 2.1 billion Christians in the world. This blog is my property, and I ask that people follow certain guidelines to participate here.

Also, thanks for the well wishes, but if it's not obvious, I'm not Christian. Please don't assume that everyone is the same as you, and please show some respect for differing backgrounds. Diversity makes the world beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous was a choice of identity and I only wrote to comment on the Christian comments and defend Christianity. There is only one God. I will not write again. Peace.