Je m'appelle Brad Eaton

I'm listening to KING-FM, which I've listened to for about the past 20 years -- the past 10 have been online.

They've been running this "ad" where Brad Eaton talks about how he just started learning French with this great learn-at-home program. It isn't a recorded spot; he just works it into his morning blurb about what's going on around the city. Sometimes he doesn't even work it in, but rather just suddenly bursts out with a couple of French 101 phrases, then says why he's doing this. He mentions the brand name several times and uses a few buzzwordish descriptions of the program, so it's clear that it's paid advertising.

So far so good. Except that these ads have been running for about 10 or 12 years. Apparently, every 6 months or so, Mr. Eaton decides that he needs to start learning basic phrases in French. After a week or so, he's learned enough French, until the next time the urge rolls around, and he starts again in book one of the series. The guy doesn't need French manuals -- he needs Ritalin.

And the advertiser might be better off opting for a recorded spot, because it at least makes sense for some fictional person to not have progressed in his or her French skills between airings of the commercial.

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