The Metro printed one of my letters after all

Literally five minutes after I posted about how The Metro never publishes my letters, they e-mailed me asking for my full contact information and permission to publish one of my letters.

It's in today's paper. There isn't a way to link to the letters section, but the whole paper is available in .pdf format on the website. The site says registration is required to download copies of the paper, but it didn't actually ask me to register.

Also check out the great letter by Troy Daniels (also in response to Hiram Scott), which focuses on the issue of not allowing agencies to use tax dollars for discriminatory purposes. This is a good point to make, because people care about where tax dollars go, and it's a way to get people to listen. We'll just forget about the loud tiny faction of Massachusetts voters who are opposed to using tax dollars for curricula that teach tolerance, assertiveness skills, human anatomy...

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Christina said...

I read your Metrol letter on day it was published.

Right on! You go girl!