Dar Williams fabulous as always; opening acts sucked ass

Last night I attended a Dar Williams concert put on by Wellesley Women for Choice as a fundraiser. Dar was excellent, as usual, and the small intimate venue (Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center) was fabulous. The group had tables set up in the back of the venue for signature-gathering, additional fundraisers, information leafletting, and letter-writing. Good times.

The choice of opening acts, however, was atrocious. Since they were billed as openers for Dar, rather than as a festival-type performance, I'd have expected that the organizers would have chosen acts that were suited to the venue and likely to be appreciated by the same audience as Dar. Totally not the case.

The first band, We're All About The Love These Days, wins the award for unnecessarily long band name. The band was three young guys performing mostly original upbeat pop/rock tunes. They were talented, but kind of generic. They were more the kind of band I'd want to see while bouncing around in a club or an outdoor event, rather than a band I'd want to sit and listen to in a theatre. They did have a couple of plastic robots onstage while they played, which just makes them cool.

The second band, One Degree of Separation, just skeeved me the hell out. Now, I like a lot of types of music, but this was just plain awful. The band was three young guys, complete with unkempt beards, bandanas, chains, skulls, and biker boots. A young girl, dressed in ass-tight jeans with a mudflap girl belt provided the vocals for all their songs. I don't know any way to describe their music other than "bad metal," or perhaps "butt rock." They were all plenty talented, but it seemed they were basically going for as-fast-as-possible and as-loud-as-possible.

At several points during the show, Mudflap Girl humped the leg of the rhythm guitar player as she sang. At one point, she actually lay on the stage on her back and gyrated and kicked the air while singing. This wasn't along the lines of Madonna or Gwen Stefani using sexuality in an empowered way; this was just plain trashy and objectifying. It came across to me as clearly antifeminist.

I'm guessing that the organizers didn't actually audition these bands before booking them, especially the second one. Maybe it wasn't clear from hearing a few tracks of a demo disc that the singer planned to hump the stage during a feminist/choice fundraiser. I'm willing to bet though that there have got to be at least two singer/songwriter types attending Wellesley who would have gladly opened for Dar and been much more appreciated by the audience.

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