Register THIS, asswipe

I just went over to the Registry of Deeds to file a document pertaining to our condo association. The first part of my trip was amusing, as the officer who had placed my bag through the metal detector at the entrace to the courthouse told me he was going to need to confiscate my camera. He then placed it in a plastic bag printed "confiscated weapon" and had me sign a receipt for a weapon.

Once I'd been disarmed, I went into the registry, where I've been previously to look up information about my property and a few others. The archivists who locate information and explain the filing system are most excellent nerdy old folks, and I've always had pleasant experiences dealing with them.

The clerk who handles transactions is a bit different though. I walked up to the counter, told him what document I had, and asked him if he could help me file it. He grabbed it from me, sneered "that all?" at me, and started typing some stuff into the computer. He then said "do you have an envelope for this to go into?" (I had brought it over in a folder.) Before I could answer, he glared at it, said "of course you don't" and shoved an envelope at me. He then told me, "OK, you're going to start by writing your name on this..." I asked him if there was anywhere in particular I should write it, and he said, "Gee, you've never addressed an envelope before?" Oh, see, telling me I was addressing it to myself rather than writing my name on it would have been helpful. He then flipped through the pages of the standard lawyer-prepared document, glared at me, muttered "jeez" and typed into the computer some more, handed me a receipt, and said "yerallset" as he picked up a several-gallon Dunkin Donuts coffee from under the counter.

He might want to lay off the crack-laced burnt coffee and switch to ludes or something.


Bruce said...

I swear, you're like a lightning rod for municipal bureaucratic idiocy. I don't envy you a bit.

Someone's got it in for you.

Mister Goat said...

Are you filling a complaint against this jerk, or feeling like that's not worthwhile?

eeka said...

Naw, the guy wasn't like abusive or anything, and he did his job with a minimum of stalling and avoidance. I don't think it warrants a complaint.

Anonymous said...

i think a complaint should be in order. if for one moment you are able to get under the skin of this ass-wipe, then it's definitely worth it ;-)