One smoot away from maiming someone

Well, I haven't updated in about a week, so I thought I'd catch up with some, uh, highlights from the past week:

An agency I do some contracting for couldn't process my billing, thus didn't send me the check I was supposed to get two weeks ago for 22 clinical hours. They acknowledged that I had submitted my billing correctly, explained that the error was entirely on their part, called me repeatedly to tell me what a great clinician I am and how sorry they were that they had screwed up, checked with all sorts of people with power, but said there was no way they could get me paid sooner. Watch those insufficient funds fees pile up.

I called the IT helpdesk at work about some spyware on my computer. I'm usually not one to publicize work drama, but this was, um, special. Someone was apparently having a bad day or experiencing momentary demonic possession or something, because they didn't actually fix the spyware problem, but rather gave me a lecture about how my computer wasn't working because I had bookmarked a page of pictures of family and friends on my work computer. Having a bookmark of "something that is clearly not related to your work" had caused my computer to not work right, I was told. My hundreds of other bookmarks of mental health info, medical reference, links to state agencies, treatment strategies, and community resources, of course, were not believed to be affecting the computer in any way. No, they didn't remove the spyware. It's still there.

Someone hit my car while it was parked outside my house at night. The next day I talked to some neighbors and found out that one of them heard a crash, went outside to find a row of smashed cars and saw someone get out of a car, stagger around, get back in and speed off. He got there too late and was too far away to get enough of a description of the car or the driver. A few different neighbors made police reports. I spoke to our neighborhood police officer, who said he'd run through reports to see if there were any abandoned cars or people picked up for reckless who could likely match up. According to my insurance company, "if the other driver can't be identified, it's not a hit and run." They said the claim isn't going to affect my driving record (uh, it better not, since I wasn't, um, driving), but they also won't waive the deductable based on it being a hit and run, even with a witness and a police report.

The insurance carrier we were going to go with for (considerably cheaper) homeowner's insurance decided to do a drive-by, on the day that there were smashed cars and pieces of glass and headlights strewn all over in front of our house, and said that they would not be able to insure us for "unspecified issues observed during the drive-by." The house is in great structural condition on the exterior and has a decent paintjob and everything. I think I have an idea of what they might have observed.

Mitt Romney decided to abolish the Governor's Commision on Gay and Lesbian youth, apparently thinking this would make there stop being gay and lesbian youth, then quickly backed down when a whole bunch of lawmakers told him he was a dumbshit, then tried to deny he'd said he was going to abolish it at all.

It's rained for the past 6 days and is supposed to rain for the next 7, at least. I'm about to build an ark, if I can find enough cubits.

Fortunately, tequila makes most everything better.


littleredcar said...

May I add this to your list?

Wachovia, you suck. Big time.

Apparently, the Visa/debit card that I use for most of my purchases was cancelled back in March, because the bank that issues my Visa card had their servers hacked...and Wachovia never told me.

This is, what, May?

And, since I use "AutoPay" for most of my bills, I now have that great unenviable process of updating everyone with my new Visa account number, which will be about as fun as getting a sharp stick in the eye.

eeka said...

Ew, that sucks! I've thought of making an "annoying companies" blog, but then realized that there's really plenty of that out there.

Mike in TX said...

I had a similar incident with Capital One recently. Now I've been burned before by expired cards with some autopay bills on them, so I try to be aware of expiration dates and such.

So it expired recently. I got the new card in plenty of time, called the number to activate, "no, I don't want lost card protection", "your card is activated", all is good.

So the first time I notice something wrong is a couple of weeks later when the toll booth arm whacks my windshield. Hmmm, I'm thinking maybe the reader's got a problem. I forget about it, and next day same thing. After about 3 days of this, I finally start remembering there's a problem as I approach the toll booth, so decide it will be good to go faster thru the arm, which now is whacking my side-view mirror.

Well, after a week or so I finally remember to check the toll authority web site to see what's up and see a charge rejected, account disabled message. Strange I think, so I put a different credit card on the account and think all is well. No, it's not; another day of toll gate arm abuse follows.

So I call the toll authority, get that straightened out after a lecture about my responsibilities as a toll road user, the guy telling me he'll waive the fine this time since it's my first offense. Geez, that's damn nice of you.

Long story longer, I then call Capital One to find out what's up with my card and come to find out they didn't activate it because when I called to activate I was not calling from my home phone number. WTF??? Why didn't they indicate a problem then?

Anyway, I'm thinking about giving it to a bum on the corner near work and then reporting it stolen. It would be worth $50 to have them saddled with a couple of hundred in beer and cigarettes.

eeka said...

Giving the card to a bum is a good idea! I've never thought of that!

The BBB might be able to help too, though I never count on it with major corporations.