Ask not what google ads can do for you

Over at Bettnet, Domenico Bettinelli posts another one of his usual hateful tirades on how GLBT folks are an abomination:

This isn’t just a minor blip on the gay scene either. If you’ve ever been to a “gay” town like Provincetown on Cape Cod or San Francisco, you see depravity dressed up as normalcy all the time. The happy image they want you to see are the two chinos-clad, normal-looking, professional guys with the white picket fence and two kids adopted from a Third World hellhole. What they don’t want you to see is the bondage, self-mutilation, open sexual activity, bigotry, and outright rage that is very common.

It seems that justice has been done though; given that Google Adsense policies state that ads may not be placed on any page that advocates against a particular group, the Google ad generator apparently is programmed to assume that a site that says "gay" all over the place is, well, a gay-themed site, and it is providing the site with ad feeds accordingly:

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Anonymous said...

I love karma. And eeka too!

Excellent work.

Matt said...

I hadn't noticed that, even though I read that post and commented on it (either on his site or on Universal Hub). Funny.

eeka said...

Matt, he's closed comments on that post, but he's still getting really gay ads. HA!