The Goodridges have my everlasting gratitude; and now let's leave them alone

BayWindows reports that the Goodridges have separated. It sounds like BayWindows and the family's spokesperson are handling this really respectfully, and I wish the family peace in sorting out whatever it is that they're going through.

But I'm bothered that it made the news at all. No, I don't mean I'm bothered that BayWindows did a tasteful pieces on the personal lives of a couple of people who put themselves in the public eye.

I'm bothered that I even know who the Goodridges are in the first place. I'm bothered that they even had to make the choice to risk having their personal lives in the spotlight. I'm bothered that this wholesome family and their beautiful child have had to become tokens in order to have the right to live a very ordinary life. I'm bothered that any couple has ever had to do anything beyond paying the $50 and filling out the form in order to be married and have financial and legal security for their families. I'm bothered by the idea of there being even one person out there for whom it isn't just common sense to allow any consenting couple to have equal rights to marriage.

This reminds me of Permission, a winner from the Media That Matters Film Festival, which you can watch here on Google video. It's a little over a minute long and shouldn't require any plugins or anything to view.

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Rhea said...

Bravo! 'Everlasting gratitude' is right: for putting themselves in an extremely public position on a very contentious issue.