Craigslist is totally full of weirdos, except I don't mean the usual kind of weirdos one finds on craigslist

So, I'm selling a mandolin on craigslist, and I keep getting e-mails from weirdos. No, not the more typical craigslist weirdos. I mean real weirdos.

I've had people e-mail me and ask if it's still available, then I reply and say it is and suggest we meet so they can take a look at it and I ask them if they have any questions or anything.

Then they don't write back.

Or, they get so far as to suggest times and areas of town where we could get together, then they stop writing back. If we've gotten this far, I usually send one e-mail asking if they're still interested. Then nothing.

I've considered that maybe they're googling my e-mail address or my name or something and deciding that I'm some creep who's obsessed with blimps and puts buckets on her head and getting freaked out that the mandolin might explode in their hands or something.

But I don't think that's it. I've sold several things on craigslist in the past few weeks (no, I'm not getting rid of my possessions in preparation for suicide or anything, thanks for your concern; we're saving up for a couple of goals and we have a lot of junk sitting around) and none of the other items attracted weirdos. In fact, the old, busted iBook generated so many offers that I became sort of a personal eBay, e-mailing the interested parties and asking them to raise their offer if they really wanted it.

I'm this <--> close to editing my ad to say that I'm looking to sell a mandolin to a weirdo.

Geez people, it isn't like it's an accordion or anything.

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Anonymous said...

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