If there's ever a patent dispute, my readers can vouch that they saw it here first

I can't believe no one's thought of this. There should be toilet seats that automatically revert to unused temperature upon flushing. Like, they could have radiator-type pipes squiggled around inside the seat so the water would go through there and cool the thing back off. I think they'd have to be metal or glass/porcelain instead of wood or plastic, so they'd conduct well, but I think it would work.

Either that or the restroom could have some sort of countdown timer on the door that activates once someone leaves and is calibrated to the length of time that it takes a toilet seat to stop being perceptably assy. Like, WARNING: if the red circle is up, the ice is too thin to skate sit at your own risk.

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adamg said...

Would never fly in Japan, where you can buy toilet-seat warmers.