Various views on the New Jersey ruling

The e-mail last night from said:

N.J. Court Rejects Equal Marriage
It is unfortunate that the Court has turned its back on New Jersey’s long history of equality and justice and said that the state’s Constitution is not offended by discrimination against same-sex couples and children.

The one from the Human Rights Campaign said:

New Jersey to Recognize Same-Sex Couples
This afternoon, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that the state Legislature must offer the same rights and benefits to same-sex couples that married couples currently receive. This ruling came after seven same-sex couples filed suit against the state when they were denied marriage licenses. This decision reflects the fair-minded values of New Jersey, where polls show that a majority of citizens supports marriage equality.

MassEquality's said:

Victory in New Jersey!
Today, justices of the New Jersey Supreme Court unanimously declared that discrimination against same-sex couples violates the New Jersey state constitution.'s e-mail went more in depth and described exactly what had happen and would the potential outcomes could be after it goes to the legislature. It's interesting to see how these groups -- which are all absolutely pro-marriage -- view the ruling.

And a note to the Metro and others: Stop using the term "gay marriage." A marriage does not have a sexual orientation, and people of various sexual orientations can be in all different sorts of marriages, or not be in one. The laws being discussed are in regard to same-sex marriages, dammit.

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Ryan Adams said...

LOL. My feelings are somewhere in between the first two =p

The important thing to consider - and something almost NO ONE is talking about - is the fact that it was essentially ruled 7-0 in favor of equal rights. The case split 4-3 because 3 people wanted it to be called marriage and 4 people thought civil unions were enough.

In other words, if I were marriage advocates and the state legislature doesn't get with the program in N.J., I'd go send that sucker back the the N.J. Supreme Court as soon as one of the 4 is replaced.