Why we need federal marriage ASAP. (Or would people still be illogical regardless?)

A couple months ago, I mailed Capital One our marriage license, asking them to change our names on our credit cards.

A letter came yesterday:

Dear [me with current name],

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding updating your account. In order to update the information for the authorized user, [Molly with former name], we will need a legal document showing the name change. Thank you.

So, I called them and told them about the letter I'd gotten. I explained that the legal document I'd sent was our marriage license, and that since they had processed my name change, clearly they had the info necessary to process hers.

"Yes, I show here that your name change was successfully completed. If you wish to change the authorized user's name, we'll need a legal document showing that as well."

"The legal document I sent was our marriage license. Which documents both of our name changes."

"We're going to need a legal document for the authorized user too though."

"I sent you. Our. Marriage. License. We're both on it. Since it's, you know, a marriage license."

"Um, can you hold for a moment?"

"Uh, sure."


"Hi, thank you for holding. I've spoken with my supervisor, who says that since the other person is an authorized user, and not responsible for the account, you can make change on that person's behalf. You know, just like if someone called and they were a married couple."

"We. Are. Married. You have a copy of our marriage certificate. Which is how we legally changed our names."

"OK, so you can go ahead and make changes on the other person's behalf. I'll process that right now."

"Um, thanks?"

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Ryan Adams said...

You have to laugh to keep from crying. Seperate is not equal, that's for sure.

We won't be equal till equality in marriage is everywhere.