Happy New Year, even though New Year's Eves are gonna suck until 2010

I really can't wait until 2010, when they'll have to stop making these goddamned things.

I mean, I suppose they could theoretically still be made with a 1 blocking out the person's left eye, but they'd likely look so completely fucking moronic that even the crappiest of New Year's Eve specials would refuse to zoom in on crowds of morons wearing the things.

"The new year has already arrived in many cities around the globe! From London to Bombay to Dubai, idiots went around with no depth perception, tripping over ice sculptures, fireworks barges and fried dough stands or local equivalent!"

[Photo shamlessly stolen from some random person's Flickr.]


Rhea said...

You are so right about those nutty eyeglasses.

Tom Rue said...

I'm afraid you'll have to wait until 2011.

eeka said...

Tom Rue, you are AWESOME.

Lyss said...

While watching animatronic Dick Clark this recent NYE, I wondered what will happen with those silly glasses in 2011, when there aren't any round numbers