The holiday season(tm) makes me more bitter than usual

Listen, Boston Metro, I've long noticed that your stupid feature where you ask three people what they think of something usually involves people who are carefully selected to be demographically as unrelated to the issue as possible, but now you've really gone over the top.

The first time you asked "What do you think about City Hall moving to the Southie waterfront?" you asked three 20-year-old college students. Who I'm sure frequently go to City Hall to pay property taxes, represent their neighborhood associations, fight local zoning proposals, apply for business licenses and get building permits.

This time, you asked three people who DON'T LIVE IN BOSTON. One even lives outside of 495. Granted these people might own businesses in the city or otherwise do business with the city, but I can't see why in fuck's name you would pick three out of three people who don't live in Boston to ask about City Hall. The most brilliant part of it is the quote from Clayton Perkins of Norwood, who says, regarding whether the Silver Line would be sufficient for accessing the proposed new City Hall, "Yeah, it's a brand new line. They might just need more trains."

Yes, they'd need a lot more trains. And they'd also need to first install tracks for them to run on, since the Silver Line is A BUS.

Yeah, Clayton Perkins, you're clearly REAL qualified to give opinions on the infrastructure of Boston.

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jon said...

Oh my - I just got caught reading blogs at work because I laughed out loud reading this. I avoid the metro since I think their "synergy" is more like editorials for sale - but this comic relief from poor Clayton might change my mind.