Bay Windows discriminates against gay people...

...because I keep having trouble getting onto their site.

Oh wait, no one else can either. Nevermind.

Hey, Bay Windows people, you might want to buy more bandwidth or a bigger server or whatever it is that people do to accomodate more traffic, particularly on days when there's a major queer issue going down and you guys seem to be the only ones who know what's going on. Kthanks.

And speaking of people not knowing what's going on:

A recount of the vote to recess, according to the Senate clerk's office, shows that lawmakers did not, in fact, vote to recess. The vote was 101 against recessing and 94 for it.

So apparently now a group of people who have trouble counting and/or determining the larger of two numbers is being allowed to make decisions regarding my civil rights.

Bite me.


Anonymous said...

I too am having trouble with Bay Windows' site... as an alternative, Blue Mass Group has pretty active live-blogging going on - check it out.

eeka said...

Yeah, I'm going back and forth, but BlueMass for a while was trying to liveblog from the crappy House TV or whatever feed, and now is, um, blogging off of Bay Windows!

Ron Newman said...

This is Microsoft's fault:

Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80004005'

Unspecified error

/ME2/Apps/CPTraffic/core.asp, line 168

eeka said...

Well, ultimately Bay Windows's fault for choosing crappy software.