URGENT: Call your legislators (again)

If you know any of these people, or are in their district, PLEASE PLEASE contact them immediately and tell them to change their vote in the second election.

As governor-elect Deval Patrick said yesterday, gay marriage has been around for a few years, and the sky hasn't fallen. Over 8,000 same sex couples in Massachusetts have married, and it hasn't affect anyone's hetero marriage one iota.

Matters of civil rights should not be left to a popular vote. If it were, desegregation would never have happened.

If we can't change hearts and minds, the next best thing is to convince your legislators (whoever they are, CALL) to delay voting a second time so the earliest it can make it on the ballot is 2010, rather than 2008. The one thing people who believe in equal marriage rights have on their side is TIME. Also, if your legislators voted in favor of equality please call or e-mail and thank them. You can find their contact info here: http://massequality.org/action/voted.php

Bruce J. Ayers, D-Quincy - Y
John J. Binienda, D-Worcester - Y
Christine E. Canavan, D-Brockton - Y
Gale D. Candaras, D-Wilbraham - Y
Mark J. Carron, D-Southbridge - Y
Paul C. Casey, D-Winchester - Y
Virginia Coppola, R-Foxborough - Y
Robert Correia, D-Fall River - Y
Geraldine Creedon, D-Brockton - Y
Sean Curran, D-Springfield - Y
Viriato Manuel deMacedo, R-Plymouth - Y
Paul J. Donato, D-Medford - Y
Lewis G. Evangelidis, R-Holden - Y
James H. Fagan, D-Taunton - Y
David L. Flynn, D-Bridgewater - Y
John P. Fresolo, D-Worcester - Y
Paul K. Frost, R-Auburn - Y
Colleen M. Garry, D-Dracut - Y
Susan W. Gifford, R-Wareham - Y
Emile J. Goguen, D-Fitchburg - Y (Replaced in '07 by DiNatale)
Shirley Gomes, R-South Harwich - Y (Replaced in '07 by Peake)
William G. Greene Jr., D-Billerica - Y
Robert S. Hargraves, R-Groton - Y
Donald F. Humason Jr., R-Westfield - Y
Frank M. Hynes, D-Marshfield - Y
Michael F. Kane, D-Holyoke - Y
Paul Kujawski, D-Webster - Y
William Lantigua, D-Lawrence - Y
John A. Lepper, R-Attleboro - Y
Paul J. Loscocco, R-Holliston - Y
James R. Miceli, D-Wilmington - Y
James M. Murphy, D-Weymouth - Y
David M. Nangle, D-Lowell - Y
Robert J. Nyman, D-Hanover - Y
Shirley Owens-Hicks, D-Boston - Y (Replaced in '07 by Allen)
Marie J. Parente, D-Milford - Y (Replaced in '07 by Fernandes)
Jeffrey D. Perry, R-Sandwich - Y
George N. Peterson Jr., R-Grafton - Y
Thomas M. Petrolati, D-Ludlow - Y
Elizabeth A. Poirier, R-North Attleboro - Y
Karyn E. Polito, R-Shrewsbury - Y
Susan W. Pope, R-Wayland - Y (Replaced in '07 by Conroy)
Mary S. Rogeness, R-Longmeadow - Y
Richard Ross, R-Wrentham - Y
Michael F. Rush, D-Boston - Y
Angelo M. Scaccia, D-Boston - Y
Todd Smola, R-Palmer - Y
Joyce A. Spiliotis, D-Peabody - Y
Walter F. Timilty, D-Milton - Y
A. Stephen Tobin, D-Quincy - Y
Philip Travis, D-Rehoboth - Y (Replaced in '07 by D'Amico)
James E. Vallee, D-Franklin - Y
Anthony J. Verga, D-Gloucester - Y
Brian P. Wallace, D-Boston - Y
Daniel K. Webster, R-Hanson - Y

Scott P. Brown, R-Wrentham - Y
Robert S. Creedon, D-Brockton - Y
Robert L. Hedlund, R-Weymouth - Y
Richard T. Moore, D-Uxbridge - Y
Michael W. Morrissey, D-Quincy - Y
Steven C. Panagiotakos, D-Lowell - Y
Robert E. Travaglini, D-Boston - Y


Anonymous said...

Anything non-MAs can do?


eeka said...

You can try calling/e-mailing one of the no voters and just tell them you're not a constituent, but are calling all of them because you think it's such an important issue for everyone in the state to have rights -- I believe they won't take your address unless you identify as a constituent. You could also call/e-mail and take the angle that you're looking to preserve rights guaranteed by the federal constitution.



Anonymous said...

Uh, many. But, um, should I "take a hint"?


eeka said...

Dude. I meant like the legislator people and the people who made the petition in the first place and omgwtf.