Verizon hires people to work with high-voltage wires who don't know how to open a gate

Once again, Verizon has disconnected my internet. Which is through Speakeasy, not Verizon, but Verizon has a monopoly on being able to do stuff in the phone box on the side of my house.

Speakeasy has dispatched the Verizon people to my house three times now. Each time, Speakeasy has checked on the service ticket "gate unlocked." The Verizon people allegedly came on Friday, Monday and Tuesday. Each time, they reported to Speakeasy that they'd closed the service ticket due to "no access to property." Friday was "can't access gate," Monday was "can't access gate and dog running loose," Tuesday was "can't access gate."

The gate isn't locked. It doesn't even have a latch on it. You just pull it, and it opens. The downstairs neighbors have a dog, but it's only in the yard if they're with it.

How hard is it to open a gate? Or "ma'am, do you mind holding onto your dog while I work on the phone box here?"

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tblade said...

I think verizon is scaming non-verizon DSL subscribers. Seriously.

My friend had Earthlink and was supposed recieve 1.5Mbps. He went a whole year not realizing that he was only recieving 768K. After complaining, Earthlink agreed to bump him up 3.0M at no extra charge.

He fought with Earthlink for two months, still 768K -Earthlink claimed it was doing everything in its power and has recieved confirmation from Verizon that the ticket was closed and there should be 3.0M speed.

He finally lost patience with Earthlink and with in days had 3.0M speed from Verizon.

Granted, Earthlink probably could have done more, but I think ultimately it was Verizon giving Earthlink the run-around which, in the end, gained Verizon a customer.