Don we now our gay cuisine

I received a flyer that our agency is looking for submissions from people so that we can put together a multicultural cookbook. This is a pretty cool project in and of itself, and the person organizing it is really down-to-earth and mindful, so it should turn out well.

Still, the fact that the project a cookbook does kind of reinforce this agency's consistent viewpoint that "culture" only ever refers to ethnicity and race.

(And occasionally religion, but only if someone is very very observant, it's a non-Christian religion, and they grew up in the religion. If they strongly follow any type of Christianity and/or they chose the religion as an adult, then it's viewed as a "symptom." This seems to apply to clients and staff equally.)

I do really like the idea of the project, but I wish a term other than "multicultural" had been chosen. Because, well, what exactly is queer food? Or Catholic food or Mormon food or suburban food or feminist food or Deaf food? Sure, I have an ethnicity and a religion that both feature typical foods, but I also like to remind people that culture goes beyond this. I certainly identify on a daily basis much more with queer culture than with any other aspect of my culture. I also appreciate any opportunity to point out how the system in which I work ironically ignores people-with-disabilities culture, while creating and perpetuating a you-are-disabled culture.

So, anyway, I'll most likely contribute a vegan recipe and will write a blurb about activism and taking care of the planet, as this is an important aspect of my culture, and tends to be important to more GLBT folks than to the public at large. But still, I needed to find out whether there is in fact any queer food. I did what any good blogger would do, and I asked google.

I learned several things, including that Baked Alaska is the archetypal queer food, Steak is the prototypical straight food, “Gay food” should mirror our queer heritage of the open-minded and the adventuresome, and a gay restaurant has to be about more than just a bunch of queers chewing cheeseburgers.

I also learned that for some unknown reason, it took me a whole 30 minutes of research to come to the obvious conclusion that I should just submit a recipe for fruit.


Jodie said...

Catholic food is the body of Christ and donuts.

Penny L. Richards said...

Not really a recipe, but there are ASL cookies--you can use a hand-shaped cookie-cutter and form the fingers into various fingerspelling shapes before baking. (There are also cookie cutters and candy molds already in the shape of the "I love you" sign.)

I also found a site online that suggests making braille fortunes to insert in homemade fortune cookies.