I'm quite a fan of sites like and, and I really wish people would use them more. Mom, are you reading this?

On a whim, I thought I'd see if there are any sites that make short urls longer. I mean, come on, it's the internet; there has to be someone who's done such a thing, right?

Wouldn't you know, there sure is.

The following URL: has a length of 24 characters and resulted in the following
W-i-d-e-U-R-L which has a length of 112 characters:


Heather said...

hi there... this is off-topic but i couldn't figure out how else to email you.

i am potentially buying a house in fort hill and am trying to get information on how people feel about the neighborhood from people who live there. my biggest concern is safety, and i'm curious to know if you have felt safe in the fort hill itself, but also walking around in roxbury around it? i get the feeling the neighborhood is pretty close knit and active, but i'm hoping not to live in a place where i don't feel like i can go for a walk outside of the boundary of my little enclave.

i work in dorchester, so it's not like i'm a total wimp, but i would like to live somewhere where i at least *feel* safe, even if it's just an illusion.

thanks in advance!!

Heather said...

me again... i read your post requests more thoroughly, and am leaving a little more information about myself.

i found your blog by googling "fort hill", as i'm finding suprisingly little about it on the web! i work in domestic violence prevention, and just moved to boston last summer.

eeka said...

Hi Heather. Nice to meet you. Yeah, the hill is definitely a safe place. Our BPD liaison who comes to the neighborhood meetings reports that the hill has one of the lowest crime rates in the area. It feels safe too -- people say hi to you and there are people walking and jogging and kids playing. As far as other areas of Roxbury, Mission Hill has a little less of a residential feel (because it's mixed-use) but also is nice for walking around. The other parts of Roxbury aren't really zoned for walking around, and don't feel as nice for walking around. I don't think I'd necessarily feel unsafe, but there's just no reason I'd walk around on Warren Ave near strip malls and auto parts stores and things. It feels more highwayish than neighborhoodish, so not somewhere I'd pick to walk around. But the area from the hill to the orange and green lines is definitely nice. There are nice restaurants and shops along Tremont Street in both directions.

Feel free to ask other questions you might have!