If you're concerned about the health of yourself and of animals, then stop making choices to the contrary

I just got an e-mail alert linking to this petition:

When you grab a latte from Starbucks, do you know what's in the milk? Unfortunately, probably more than you bargained for. Starbucks uses milk from cows that are injected with a genetically engineered, artificial hormone called recombinant bovine growth hormone, also known as rBGH or rBST. The problem is, this hormone is known to cause harm to cows and may pose harm to humans.

Sure, being concerned about artificial hormones and the risks they pose to humans and animals is a legitimate issue. But it's not like the genetically modified cow's milk is the only option at Starbucks. The headline of the petition is particularly ironic: Tell Starbucks to Buy Safer Milk!

Uh, people? They already do. Starbucks offers soy milk. They have had it for at least the past 15 years. If they didn't offer soy milk, these people might have a point, but a better point would be to ask them to offer soy milk. Don't get me wrong; it's admirable that people are concerned about health, but avoiding dairy products all together is better for the animal's health and the people's health. If they're really concerned about either, why are they consuming dairy products in the first place? I consume dairy products from time to time, but I do so with full knowledge that they're cruel to animals, bad for my health, and bad for the environment.

If you're choosing dairy products, particularly at a location that has soy milk and other beverage options, don't blame the dining establishment or society at large for the animal cruelty and human health risks involved. Take responsibility for your choices instead of creating petitions blaming others for the purchases you've decided to make.


Ryan Adams said...

But, there's no such thing as Soy Milk.

Jodie said...

Except not everyone can drink soy milk. There are a number of people with soy allergies or intolerances (soy milk isn't exactly the most healthy form of soy, either, and others have to watch soy intake for hormonal issues). Maybe people should just stop drinking coffee instead!

Jodie said...

Oh, also, Starbuck's uses Silk brand soy milk, which is owned by White Wave, which is in turn owned by Dean Foods International, which is kind of an evil corporation. On the plus side, Silk claims to not use GMO-soybeans, but not all brands do that, and that part is just as bad as antibiotics in milk when it comes to the environment. But again, Silk does not use GMO-soybeans.


(kidding. drink it if you want).

eeka said...

Yeah, soy milk is also something to consume in moderation, but you aren't putting a whole lot in coffee.

The brand they use depends on the location. I've seen various brands.

I know not everyone does soy milk -- but just pointing out that if they're concerned about animal welfare and human health, they might want to not drink cow's milk.

eeka said...

HEE! That's great, Ryan!

"It's in my milk, talking to my milk, making it feel bad about itself!"

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