I've found out how seriously the MBTA takes customer comments

I sent a complaint this morning using the form on the webpage. Apparently it's going to a dead mailbox, because I received this reply:

from: Mailer-Daemon@charlie.mbta.com

The message that you sent was undeliverable to the following:mbta-fb (UNUSED)


Anonymous said...

The Charlie.mbta.com isn't the official MBTA e-mail address, think it's from the Charlie on the T blog which recently had problems with the owner of the blog being a con-artist type

eeka said...

No, see, I sent my complaint through MBTA.com (and entered my e-mail address as the address to reply to). The complaint bounced right back to my inbox, saying the address that the form had gone to was unused. So the MBTA has the complaint form routed to a dead mailbox. Figures.

T-rrific said...

I also received this same message this afternoon after trying to submit a "suggestion." I guess the B-line is just going to suck forever.