The latest on condoning homophobia at BIDMC

For those who aren't keeping up with the comments thread over at Paul Levy's blog, here's a quick summary of where the discussion has gone thus far.

He is now blaming the victims. People are posting about how it's the hospital's responsibility to address the issue with the physician, because there is no way for a patient to know whether a physician declined to run tests or declined to take complaints seriously based on sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation. Paul Levy maintains that it is the patient's duty to complain if there is incompetence on the physician's part. But see, the patient isn't the one who reviews the physician's work and asks why certain decisions were or were not made.

He also insists that there cannot be rules about what is allowed to be said in a workplace, because this would be "thought policing" (his words). No, it wouldn't be thought policing, because no one is asking you to read people's thoughts. We're asking you to take action based on the fact that this physician wrote a letter, full of medically incorrect information, stating that GLBT folks are inherently bad. According to the BIDMC human resources website, there are rules prohibiting written or spoken speech that is discriminatory. There are also rules requiring doctors to keep abreast of medical research. There absolutely can be rules about what can be said in a workplace, and there are. Would he use the same excuse if someone circulated a letter saying a coworker had nice tits?

If you haven't already, please write to BIDMC and tell them how dangerous and irresponsible this is.


Molly said...

He is so totally out of touch with the queer community, and he doesn't even know it. His original post uses the phrase "the gay and lesbian agenda".

Hello? That's the exact sort of language we're trying to avoid, since THERE ISN'T ONE.

I don't think he himself is homophobic; I just think he's clueless and overly defensive.

And a hypocrite. You can't go asking for nominations for Big Gay Awards and then post a letter from a Big Straight Homophobe and then refuse to address the problem.

Anonymous said...

Someone has written about you in response to your views expressed on that site. Just thought you'd be interested to read.

I don't think he's a hypocrite, by the way. I do think he was far too defensive but while I disagree with Dave calling you a "jerk" (he doesn't read your blog) he does perhaps make some good points about how to push forward your viewpoints in a more likely to be successful way.