Getting journalists to understand gender: One down, 2384728734981728294789343 to go

I just called the news desk at the Globe in response to this story, in which they referred to a transgender woman as "he" and "transsexual man." The woman I spoke with clarified what I had told her about what terms were best to use regarding this particular woman and said she was writing down my corrections, as well as my explanation that using preferred pronouns is the current Associated Press style.

I'm not even bothering with TV news, because I don't consider them real journalists, but I've heard that most of the TV stations are getitng it wrong. If someone who has more investment in TV news than I do wishes to call, it couldn't hurt, and might be helpful to our trans brothers and sisters.


Mekah Gordon, PhD, L. E. said...


And, if gently educating the TV Media concerning the respect, & dignity of using the proper pronouns with those who are going through transition doesn't work well...then show up in Camouflage carrying an M-16, with a name tag on your breast pocket saying:
My Name is "Betty"/"Joe"
I'm a Transgender Individual in the process of Transitioning from M-F/F-M.
Please respect my journey of personal discovery, by refering to me, as the perceived Gender, using only the correct Pronouns.
(TG person in Cami's engages bolt of rifle, loudly!)
Thank you very much for your cooporation, in allowing me to present this short, and hopefully memorable lesson, concerning Diversty Sensitivity, Understanding, & Respect!

Have a wonderful day!!!

eeka said...

Ooh, then we'll have mainstream media stories that not only refer to transfolks using the wrong pronouns, but which describe transpeople as "people who go around threatening people with automatic weapons!"