I had slightly more faith in humanity before I learned of this beverage

A couple days ago I bought one of those Trader Joe's bags of avocados. You know, the ones that cost about the same as buying one avocado anywhere else. OK, so, maybe I was a little overly ambitious in terms of how much avacado maki I would make, because I only ended up using one avocado, thus now have a whole bowl of ripe avocados that need to be eaten now.

I googled "avocado recipe" to see if I could find anything more interesting to make than a giant bowl of guacamole. The first hit was the California Avocado Commission recipe page. Perfect.

As I was browsing the recipe categories, I noticed that one of them was "beverages." I clicked on it, mostly just hoping to find that they had used a pre-fab recipe database and had an unused category. No such luck.

You know what that shamelessly ganked image is? A creative way of serving guacamole, you might guess? Oh no. That, my friends, is an avocado daiquiri. Yes, you heard me. And there are more lovely avocado beverages where that came from.

I think I may just have to make the whole bowl of avocados into a giant vat of guacamole, because I don't think I can stand to browse through any more titles of avocado recipes. Guh.


Rhea said...

Oh, that is just wrong.

Penny L. Richards said...

When someone in my family (not me) needed to increase calorie intake with smooth foods, SO many people recommended avocado shakes--but I could never bring myself to try and make them. "But they're fruits, you know," ardent suggesters would say. Yeah. Don't care, they're not milkshake material.

Avocado quesadillas are our standard for using up avocados. Mashed avocado, shredded cheddar, and salsa, between tortillas, melted and made crunchy in a skillet, cut in quarters--quick, messy, and delicious.

eeka said...

Heh, yes, I've seen that as a recommendation for calorie/goodfat increase in my clients' medical charts. Fortunately, there are other more palatable recommendations too.

I was thinking of doing something with avocados and salsa and tortillas (I usually do mine without cheese -- quesolessdillas?), but didn't have tortillas and didn't want to buy or make any. I ended up wrapping avocado, sundried tomato pate, fresh basil, and couscous in spring roll wrappers. We liked it!

Anonymous said...

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Rona Costa said...

Actually avos are great in smoothies, especially for those who are lactose intolerant - avos provide the necessary creamy bulk to make a great shake!

Try making a salad with feta cheese - great flavor combo! I can only recommend Mexican Hass - they have a richer creamier flavor!

Anonymous said...

i just responded to your response on paul levy issue. in case you missed it you should take a look at the latest reply to that dated post.

eeka said...

Anon, can you please refer to the comments policy in the sidebar and give yourself some sort of name accordingly? Thanks!

I checked out Paul's blog; thanks for the pointer. Aside from "Dave" referring to me as "eena" throughout the post, I do think he missed quite a bit there. I repeatedly acknowledged that I realize Paul means well despite his tantrums in that post and his pattern of saying that people should complain if there is a problem, yet dismissing the complaints. Several people have posted on there ignoring the whole issue and focusing on how Paul means well. Yes, he means well. That's quite clear. But he's still poorly educated on GLBT healthcare issues and also displays a really disturbing lack of knowledge regarding laws and regulations as they pertain to employer policies (such as where he says that an employer isn't allowed to tell employees what they may or may not say in the workplace).

Doug said...

Eeka -

I'm the "anon" who posted previously. I don't know exactly what would qualify me as a "real person" but here goes: my name is doug, i'm a divorced father of two lovely twin boys, live in boston, and am a gastroenterologist. I am liberal and open-minded, vote democrat for lack of other feasible options, and think that politics and religion (or orientation, or anything else) should not mix. I don't have a website, etc.

I hope that's sufficient and apologize for missing that part of your site.

doug said...

. . . and i found your site through the paul levy blog comments i referred you to.

doug said...

and, finally, i do agree he's a bit holier than thou. he was expecting applause all around and couldn't stand the heat when he didn't get what he wanted. the guy's quite self-righteous, whether he wants to hear the feedback or not. that comes from no personal interactions, but from reading his blog from time to time.

eeka said...

Thanks Doug. Nice to meet you! Welcome to the blog.

(BTW, the policy is just because in the past, when I was involved in a particular activism activity, I'd have sock puppets come and argue with themselves on my blog. The policy seemed to put an end to that.)

I've spoken with numerous people who work/have worked with Paul, and they all describe him pretty much the way he comes across on his blog -- basically decent, nice guy, heart in the right place, approachable, can be super arrogant, sometimes falls into that managementperson trap of believing that the PR image of the facility is real and the experiences of patients and employees must not be if they don't fit into the image.

You know, the arrogance thing seems to not necessarily be a Paul thing, but more of a cultural thing at the facility. I've noticed it as a patient and as a clinician (I haven't been employed by them, but frequently consult with people there). It's a different vibe than other healthcare facilities in the area. I had a clinician, who had presented a transgender healthcare training at several hospitals, tell me that the BIDMC folks had a really unusual attitude, essentially attacking the presenter and stating that they didn't need to change anything about how they were providing care (while at the same time displaying the transphobia and miseducation that's normal in people who haven't been educated). The presenter later tried to talk to some administrators there about some concerns that had come up during the training, namely providers insisting that they were not interested in "political correctness" and would continue to behave in illegal and discriminatory ways toward transfolks, and was told essentially the same thing we've seen on Paul's blog, that the facility doesn't have the right to dictate what employees may and may not say.