Netflix has awesome customer service

In June, I participated in a focus group for Netflix, which is supposed to get me six months of free service. A week after I participated, they billed me, which seemed fine, since there hadn't been a whole billing cycle. But then today, I see that they debited my checking account for July. So I called the number on the site to ask about this.

Representative: Yep, it shows that you're getting six free months.

Me: Was I supposed to have been billed for July though? That makes two charges now since I attended the focus group.

Representative: Oh, no, that shouldn't have happened. Here, I've extended your free period another month.

Me: Thanks. Is there any way you can credit me back the amount for this month? I'm not worried about whether I get five months or six months free, but this just happens to be a week I'm kind of short on cash...*

Representative: Oh, no problem then. OK, I just credited the amount back into your bank account.

Me: Wow, thanks!

Seriously, I don't think I've ever had a customer service person (well, at a company with more than a couple employees) handle a request so quickly and bullshitlessly. The phone call lasted 37 seconds. Very impressive.

*I'm refinancing my mortgage next week to get a way better rate, woohoo!, but need money for closing costs.


Penny L. Richards said...

Wow, that's great to hear! Too bad such phone transactions are so rare that it's something remarkable, isn't it? I don't have a Netflix subscription, but if I've been thinking about it--so your endorsement is helpful, thanks.

Elizabeth said...

Random fact: Netflix is headquartered in my hometown of Los Gatos, CA. It brings in a ton of money for the town and they have been great about staying local and hiring good people.

eeka said...

Ooh, good to know. They do have that vibe of local-geeky-company, which I think is what I like about them.

OTOH, I hate Blockbuster. Molly once turned in a movie late, they charged my credit card for the cost of replacing it the same day she turned it in, they refused to credit me back or give us the movie I'd paid for. Yet another example of the "giant ridiculous corporation" vibe I get from them.