What's up with Postsecret?

Postsecret didn't get updated yesterday. I hope nothing happened to Frank.

Also, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon with the folks who dislike that he started allowing comments last week. I liked it better when the secrets just stood alone without any judgments. The cards themselves are beautiful; part of what really appeals to me is that this is something someone took the time to express. The cards take time and energy to send. The ignorant and impulsive comments that people make about the cards really takes away from them. I can go to any unmoderated discussion forum to see judgmental comments from people with poor boundaries. Sometimes I choose to do just that, but I enjoyed having Postsecret on my list of sites where I could expect only to find intelligent and thoughtful material. If he keeps allowing comments, I'll just not read them, but I do really think the site was a lot better without them.


GodsNightgown said...

Agreed. I think the comments really detract from the site. I'm also wondering why it's not updated, why the mailing address has been removed--very strange, and being speculated about (it's how I found you!), but no one seems to have answers.

JenB said...

I'm in total agreement as well. What makes the secrets beautiful is the way they stand on their own, free of judgement (or public judgement at least, I guess people will judge on their own). I also am anxious about the site not being updated this week.

eeka said...

The wikipedia article has an unverified claim that someone contacted the police and found that Frank is on vacation.

Doesn't explain the mailing address being removed though. Weird.

If Frank actually has decided the project is over, I'd be willing to take it over.

Sis B said...

i found you through the search engine, too. seems like there's just a couple of us who blogged it, and i've been getting hits all week about this.

looks like they disabled comments, too, which makes me really glad. i hope the project isn't over and that frank really is taking a well-deserved vacation.

btw, i like your blog and i've subscribed to your feed.

Laura said...

I like it that the comments are gone now. I've been checking Postsecret many times a day to see if it's working again. But so far, no luck.

I found your blog while trying to figure out what was going on.

So far now, I'm looking at www.deviantartsecret.deviantart.com it's similar.