Yahoo! News top story: George W. Bush got buttsnaked

I think this might be the most straightforward and informative coverage of any event involving this president since he took office. Also, all five of the most-read stories presently showing up on Yahoo! News involve the president's ass.

Anyway, why on earth is there a protocol for transferring his powers to the vice president while he's having his pooper checked out? Couldn't he just plan to not have any official duties scheduled during those couple hours? It's not like the president spends 24 hours per day actively presidenting. Does he also transfer powers any time he sleeps or takes a shower? And here I had been all proud of myself for those few times I'd actually remembered to change my voicemail and e-mail to let people know I was out of the office for a few days


Jodie said...

It's because he's sedated for that. I would assume he would plan around it of course, but should something emergent happen, someone is supposed to be able to make decisions. That way if something were to happen, they don't have to waste time doing an offical transfer of pwers while there's crisis going on. Kinda like getting a baby sitter. Actaully, a lot like it.

Not like he responds within 2 hours when he's perfectly conscious of course, but there's apperances to keep up you know.

Jodie said...


I was just reading an article about this subject on Slate. Apparently, the 25th amendment has only been used to temporarily give the VP the presidential powers- once by Regan, once by Bush Sr, and this time. Why is this funny? All three times were for buttsnaking.

Jodie said...

That should read "only been used three times"

eeka said...

OMG OMG OMG the story I linked to said the thing about only three times, but didn't specify that it was FOR BUTTSNAKING!

I also liked how, in typical AP fashion, they slapped the line at the end about "the American Butt Association recommends Buttsnaking every 10 years..."