Men avoiding interaction with children out of fear of being seen as predators

This article from the Wall Street Journal is full of anecdotes of men who either suspect they were viewed as perverts or were outright accused of behaving inappropriately when they interacted with children -- including one guy who was approached when he took his own daughter to a restaurant. I wonder how much of this comes from women who've not healed from past experienced and learned to have trusting interactions with men, then have passed their attitudes onto their children and others. Regardless, it's sad.

EDIT: Oh, I see it got Farked too. The comments thread gives a lot of good insight. There are a parents talking about how all of the males in their schools and community programs have quit out of fear, and males talking about how they've quit jobs with children for this reason. Which of course leads to more and more children who don't have many experiences with safe interactions with males, and parents and children who start to get the impression that not very many legitimate males choose positions with access to children.


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There was a question on this issue in Dear Prudence this week. Just thought I'd share: