What the hell is this radio station I found?

This morning I turned on the radio and surfed through the low part of the FM dial to find some folky/worldly kind of something to listen to while I sat in the living room sun and drank my coffee and read a book. I quickly found sitar music, so I left it there. This was followed by a few more mellow world selections from various backgrounds.

My living room radio is a Kloss Model One, so no digital tuner. Whatever station I found was between WBUR (90.9) and WXRV (92.5). As far as I know, the 91s are all school and community stations.

After a few selections of the kind of thing I expect to find on these stations, the station switched over to an astrology report. Not just any astrology report, but a 15-minute-long report telling me exactly what I should do and not do over the next week, all while seeming to view the planets and stars as anthropomorphic ("and by lining up and facing us in this way, Saturn is giving us a clear message..."). The best part though was how she pronounced yoo-RAW-nus. Honestly, how can anyone trust an astrologist who can't even pronounce yeranus correctly?

She's still talking about planets and stars as I write this. Oh, and has told me to close business deals and engage in creative pursuits on Rosh Hashanah. Hmm, I think if I were to get into astrology, I'd need to find a pluralist astrologer. Anyway, my own beliefs about taking astrology literally aside, I'm really quite pleased to come across an organized presence of a minority belief system. Even if it's not an orientation that works for me, I'm always reassured by evidence of people actually thinking about things.

Does anyone know what this station is?


Eric Jay said...

I know of two stations in that range... one at Tufts on 91.5 and one at UMass Boston on 91.9. Depending on where your living room is located geographically, you might be able to get one, or both, of them.

I think stations are supposed to ID at least once per hour, so if you listen long enough you should get one.

eeka said...

Living room is on Fort Hill. So's the rest of the house, actually. Either station is possible, given that we get some weird stuff up here (and can't get some stuff you'd think we'd be able to).

This site lists lots of tiny stations in the 91s. Several are possible.


Yeah, I think you're right about once per hour, but I had it on that long and I don't think they did. Maybe a pirate station? Or maybe someone just forgot?

david mcmahon said...

G'day Eeka,

I do feel your frustration, but living in Australia, I might not be able to help.

Maybe Google the radio stations in that area, and their broadcasting frequency.....

And yes, pronunciation is everything.

Will add you to my blogroll in the next few minutes. I do enjoy your site and I wouildn't like to lose track of your work.



eeka said...

Yeah, it was on a manual tuner radio though, so I know it was 91-something, and there are about 20 stations in that range -- the college and community stations have a small range and each frequency has several assigned to it. There are something like 10 91.7s in the metro area.

Michael Pahre said...

Yes, pronunciation ought to be a required course for all radio "personalities".

We astronomers -- not astrologers -- always refer to it is YER-ah-nus. And that's what we teach our children, despite what Baby Galileo thinks.

-Michael Pahre
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