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100. Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg


Anonymous said...

Mazel tov on 100!

If you do this again next year, maybe you could go by total number of pages of books, based on however you define the average length of a book, instead of 100 individual books, so you wouldn't be penalized for choosing long books and so length of books wouldn't be a factor in your choice of books for the sake of your goal.

Happy Gregorian New Year!

eeka said...

Thanks! Yeah, I'd thought about the pages thing, but then it gets to where it's not only pages, but density as well. The Stephen Colbert book was a quick read, even though it was a couple hundred pages. A lot of sociology and self-help (I use that term broadly -- I of course only read GOOD self-help-type books!) and religious books are really dense and take a while to read. I'm thinking that this year I might go with 50 or something with the intent of making sure to read mindfully and really take in what I'm reading. That's more important than reading as many books as possible, right?

Molly said...

I keep track of both books and pages, as you know. Although I failed to reach 50 last year (although I would have come closer if I'd counted some of the kids' books separately), I'm trying again this year. As you also know. Also writing mini-reviews to show I retained something. :) Same with the movies.